Series One


Horrorizons is a new approach to celebrating legendary cinema. Panoramic styling and dramatic silhouettes parody memorable images of action, suspense and horror. Each Horrorizons image is printed as a high-quality poster, suitable for framing or thumb-tacking; whatever your style demands. Horrorizons is perfect for any movie-fan and makes an awesome (and affordable) gift.

Horrorizons: Series One images are 20 inches wide, making them perfect for display in a rec-room, an office or even a cubicle.

Here is a peek at Horrorizons: Series One

shark, great white, jaws, Quint, Brody, ocean, water, ship, dingy

The Last Voyage of the Orca

I Got My Cake.

zombie, zombies, walkers, sheriff, poster, art, purple, dad

Only Two Bullets.

Just a Nibble

car, death, classic, horror, stephen king, christine, oldsmobile

Hell on Wheels

biplane, empire state building, horror, classic, film, silhouette, art ,poster

The 8th Wonder of the World

creature, monster, lagoon, under water, sea weed, classic horror, poster

Beast from the Amazon

fly, fly II, silhouette, illustration, monster, classic, poster, art, science, transformation

Better Living Through Science

Horrorizons: Series One will make its debut at Crypticon Minneapolis in Fall of 2012.

Don’t forget to follow Horrorizons on Facebook for updates and special offers!

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