MSP ComiCon 2018

This weekend, May 19-20, 2018, Horrorizons will be at the MCBA MSP ComiCon at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds grandstand building. Join us there!

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It was a night just like this, twenty-five years ago….

At least it felt that long ago since I updated the website. We’re in the process of brushing off the last snow of a long winter. Which means we’re gearing up for the upcoming convention season!

We’ve got a lot new art to show you in coming months. New digital illustration and a lot of new paintings. Maybe even some surprise projects thrown in just for fun. I hope you eat ’em up!

Here is list of the other shows in our summer/fall line up. Stay tuned for additions to this card.

  • Crypticon Kansas City 2018 (St. Joseph, MO July 13-15)
  • Chapel Con (Albert Lea, MN July 21-22)
  • Flashback Weekend (Rosemont, IL August 3-5)
  • Crypticon Minnesota (Bloomington, MN October 26-28)

Hope to see you all very soon!

Upcoming Events!

Look for Horrorizons to be shambling around the Midwest in the next few months. Here’s a list of where to find us.

Saturday, September 30th – the Kansas City Horror Club’s Drive In Massacre at the I70 Drive In in Kansas City, MO (Double feature the Monster Squad followed by John Carpenter’s Halloween.) Vendors start at 5pm.

Saturday, October 7th – MCBA FallCon at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds 10am – 6pm

Saturday, October 14th – Halloweenapalooza at the Hotel Ottumwa in Ottumwa, IA 12pm – 8pm.

Friday, November 3rd – 5th – Crypticon Minnesota at the Airport Hilton in Bloomington, MN.

Don’t let these events sneak past you. Join in the fun! JOIN US!!

We’re not (completely) dead.

Once upon a time there was a thing called Horrorizons. Horrorizons seemed to take a lot of time to produce and found itself needing to be talked about. But it’s creator neglected it and went on trying to just create and not promote. Until Horrorizons one day found that it couldn’t take it anymore. Horrorizons clawed it’s way up from the well that the creator kept it in, and burrowed back into the creator’s mind. It won’t be ignored again.

Having said all of that, here are a few of the newest designs Horrorizons has for the world!

New life… Series 3 of Horrorizons is on it’s way to your town!!

Poltergeist promo


We’ve been hard at work to bring you boils and ghouls new Horrorizons posters!

After a little time off we’re now gearing up for a couple of shows this summer.


• Crypticon Kansas City 2014 August 15-17


• Crypticon Minneapolis 2014 October 24-26


Here are the two electrifying new Horrorizons prints we have to offer at the KC show. We think “This concludes our daily broadcast” and “To a new world of Gods and Monsters” are great new additions to the already spine tingling family of Horrorizons poster art. Two more designs will shamble along in time for the Minneapolis show. Don’t let them sneak up on you, check back with us for updates!


Bride promo


We look forward to seeing you all this summer. Make sure to stop by the table and say hi at the conventions.